Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense is used to tell about what is going on right now

The pattern is :

S + to be (am, is, are) + V-ing + O

S + to be + not + V-ing + O

To be + S + V-ing + O?

Adverbs of time is : now, right now, this time, at this moment

Pay attention to the sentences

I’m watching a new film now

Are you watching a new film now?

I’m not watching a new film now

He is watching a new film now

Is he watching a new film now?

He is not watching a new film now

Make into a correct sentence

1. Sinta – make – a brownies – now


2. They – play – volley ball –  now


3. I – study – mathematics – now


4. Anita and I –  eat – a bowl of meatball


Make into (+), (-) or (?)

1. Benny is reading a magazine in the living room


2. Are they doing their homework in Ina’s house?


3. I’m not sweeping my bedroom now



Answer the questions briefly

  1. What is Siti doing with Ulfah? (ride a bike)


  2. What are you doing with your friends? (swim in the beach)


  3. What are they doing? (run in the park)


  4. What am I doing in my room? (take a nap)


Make into a good sentences

1. We – listen to music – in the bedroom

2. Randi – speak with Mr. Agus – in the class

3. They – drink orange juice – in the canteen

4. She – wash – her shoes – now

5. I – learn – Biology and maths – in my house

Make into (+), (-) or (?)

1. Mrs. Desi is teaching Science in grade 9



2. Are you going to the market now?




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